Summerlin, NV Now Ranks in Top 10 U.S. Master Planned Communities


Summerlin, an impressive master-planned community developed by The Howard Hughes Corp., has garnered significant recognition as it secures a spot among the top 10 best-selling master plans in the United States. According to RCLCO, a renowned national real estate consultant with a long-standing history of ranking master plans, Summerlin has emerged as Nevada’s premier master-planned community on the 2022 best-selling list. With an impressive 782 new home sales, Summerlin proudly claims the 9th position on this prestigious roster.

Karl Pischke, Principal of RCLCO Consulting, emphasizes that Summerlin has consistently demonstrated its excellence throughout the years. In fact, Summerlin leads all ranked master-planned communities when it comes to total appearances on the national best-selling MPC list, with an astounding 26-year presence within the top 25. From 1994 to 2007, Summerlin held a spot in the top 10 every year, followed by continuous top 10 rankings since 2015. Furthermore, Summerlin achieved an exceptional top-three placement from 2018 to 2021, further cementing its status as a highly sought-after community.

Now celebrating its 33rd year of development, Summerlin stands out among Southern Nevada communities, offering an unparalleled array of amenities. Boasting over 300 parks of various sizes, residents can indulge in a wealth of green spaces and recreational opportunities. The community is interwoven by an extensive network of over 200 miles of trails, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying outdoor activities. Resident-exclusive community centers provide additional spaces for social gatherings and events, fostering a strong sense of community among residents.

The allure of Summerlin extends to its exceptional educational offerings, with 26 public, private, and charter schools serving the community. Parents can choose from a diverse range of educational institutions to meet the unique needs of their children. Additionally, Summerlin is proud to provide its residents with access to a public library and performing arts center, enriching their cultural experiences and intellectual pursuits.

Ensuring the well-being of its residents, Summerlin features the highly regarded Summerlin Hospital Medical Center, guaranteeing quality healthcare within proximity. Moreover, the community offers houses of worship representing various faiths, catering to the diverse spiritual needs of its residents.

For those seeking professional opportunities, Summerlin features office parks that facilitate a thriving business environment. Residents can work in Class-A office buildings, enjoying convenient access to their workplaces within the community itself.

When it comes to retail therapy and entertainment, Summerlin doesn’t disappoint. Downtown Summerlin serves as a vibrant hub, providing a plethora of options for fashion, dining, and entertainment. Residents and visitors can explore a wide range of boutiques, indulge in delectable culinary delights, and immerse themselves in an array of entertainment offerings. The renowned Red Rock Resort is nestled within Downtown Summerlin, offering luxurious accommodations, thrilling gaming experiences, and exquisite dining options.

Sports enthusiasts can rejoice in the fact that Summerlin is home to the City National Arena, which serves as the official practice facility of the Golden Knights, Las Vegas’ beloved NHL team. Additionally, the community is proud to host the Aviators, a Triple-A baseball team, at the world-class Las Vegas Ballpark. This state-of-the-art stadium provides an unparalleled experience for baseball enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community pride.

In terms of residential options, Summerlin showcases over 110 distinctive floor plans spread across more than 20 neighborhoods within eight distinct villages and districts. Homebuyers have the privilege of choosing from a wide range of housing styles, including single-family homes and townhomes. Prices span from the $400,000s to over $1 million, ensuring that individuals with varying budgets can find their dream home within the community.

Summerlin, NV Hits Home with Amenities, Shopping, Great Schools and Business Opportunities

With its expansive range of amenities, top-rated schools, recreational opportunities, and commitment to safety, Summerlin stands as a truly exceptional community for residents of all ages.

One of the most appealing aspects of Summerlin is its abundance of shopping centers. These neighborhood hubs cater to the diverse needs and preferences of residents, offering a wide selection of retail stores, boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment options. Whether one is in search of high-end fashion, local artisanal products, or popular chain stores, Summerlin’s shopping centers provide a convenient and vibrant retail experience.

Education is a top priority in Summerlin, and the community takes pride in its exceptional school system. With 26 public, private, and charter schools, families have access to a variety of educational options for their children. These schools are staffed with dedicated teachers and equipped with modern facilities, ensuring that students receive a quality education in a nurturing environment.

When it comes to recreation, Summerlin sets the bar high. With over 300 parks of varying sizes, residents have ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities such as picnicking, jogging, cycling, and playing sports. The parks are thoughtfully designed and beautifully maintained, providing serene natural spaces where families can relax and create cherished memories.

The interconnected network of trails spanning over 200 miles offers not only a chance to stay active but also the opportunity to explore the stunning natural surroundings. Whether hiking through scenic landscapes or simply taking a leisurely stroll, residents can immerse themselves in the beauty of Summerlin’s picturesque vistas.

Safety is a paramount concern for any community, and Summerlin goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of its residents. The community is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and employs a dedicated team of security professionals who work tirelessly to maintain a safe environment. This commitment to safety allows residents to enjoy peace of mind as they go about their daily lives.

In addition to its wealth of amenities, Summerlin offers convenient access to healthcare services. The Summerlin Hospital Medical Center is a renowned medical facility equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by highly skilled healthcare professionals. Residents can rest assured knowing that quality medical care is readily available nearby.

Summerlin’s commitment to fostering a sense of community is evident in its numerous social and cultural offerings. The community hosts regular events, festivals, and gatherings that bring neighbors together, fostering connections and a strong sense of belonging. The public library and performing arts center further enrich the cultural fabric of Summerlin, providing residents with opportunities to engage in intellectual pursuits and enjoy a wide range of artistic performances.

With its exceptional amenities, top-notch schools, extensive recreational opportunities, dedication to safety, and vibrant sense of community, it’s no wonder that Summerlin ranks among the most desirable master-planned communities in the United States. Whether individuals are seeking a family-friendly environment, an active lifestyle, or a close-knit community, Summerlin offers an idyllic setting where residents can thrive and create lasting memories.

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